Commercial Reel 2017

We were lucky to have worked with some industry leading corporations to tell convey their company's legacy and vision to the future generations. And the best part of doing commercials and corporate works is that we get to learn to belong to that industry. We learn to understand all the basics and nature of the businesses of our clients in order to really understand what they're doing. And by doing so, we get to make a corporate film that is more personal to their corporation than any general film-makers who wouldn't invest their time and effort to learn and understand our clients like we do. Earlier this year we did a recollection of all our previous corporate and commercial works and compile them in our reel. Regardless of the scale of business of our clients, we still promise that we'll deliver our best and do more than what we're required to do, because a corporate film should last for a long time and so is your business legacy.

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