BrightGas Series : Lydia Napitupulu

BrightGas is a newly launched line for home used Liquid Petroleum Gas. The color of the tank is pink and the campaign that they launched is to highlight strong independent women who are a pillar of the community. This series follows Lydia Napitupulu who is a symbol of a successful Batak lady who balances her work and being a mom at the same time. This episode follows Stella Lowis, a successful young entrepreneur who has made a name for herself as a pastry chef and has outlets in various locations in the span of a couple of years. The next episode we follow Mora Nasution who are a pioneer in women activism and whose work in youth empowerment has been known throughout whole Indonesia. And the last one is Pheny Stephen who has to juggle between a couple of restaurant businesses and being an attentive mother at the same time.

ClientPT. Pertamina (Persero) MOR I